How to upgrade the RAM in your Mac Mini

The MethodShop's instructions on How to upgrade the RAM in your Mac Mini gave us the tips we needed to upgrade our new Mac Mini Intel Single Core (1.5 GHz) from the stock 512 MB to 1.25 GB. That's right, we had to discard 256 MB -- there were two of those installed in both of the RAM slots, so we had to yank one to replace it with the 1 GB chip. We found that the new Intel Mac Minis are laid out slightly differently than the old PowerPC Mac Minis; specifically, the RAM is now tucked under the hard drive, lying parellel to the motherboard. Evidently, the older Mac Minis had a slot for a RAM upgrade that allowed you to insert the chip vertically (perpendicular to the motherboard) without having to pull the hard disk/DVD assembly. How did we find out? The first set of instructions we used didn't correspond to what we found inside the box. I started removing some pins from the bottom of the RAM slots when I realized that we were not working on the same computer as the one depicted in the instructions. The MethodShop's instructions were, however, spot-on.


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