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Don't Upgrade to macOS High Sierra because of this terrifying vulnerability: Nov. 2017

If you're running macOS on an older computer and you haven't upgraded to the latest version of macOS, High Sierra (version 10.13), just don't do it! This new vulnerability is terrifying and about as serious as you can imagine:

Anyone Can Hack MacOS High Sierra Just by Typing "Root"
-- WIRED (opens new window)

With this unique mix of unlimited power over the computer and the ease of implementation (type four easy to guess characters, click a couple of times), his is about as bad as it gets. You don't need mad skillz to take full control of any Mac running High Sierra.

From the article in WIRED:
"We always see malware trying to escalate privileges and get root access," says Patrick Wardle, a security researcher with Synack. "This is best, easiest way ever to get root, and Apple has handed it to them on a silver platter." Apple has released a patch, which you should apply immediately if you are running macOS High Sierra already:
On Wedn…

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