Freezing iMacs may be victims of hardware

I'm planning on buying a new Mac for the home office, with Leopard, to replace my aging G5 iMac. I was considering:
  • The iMac all-in-one
  • A Mac Book Pro laptop
  • The Mac Pro tower
Based on the problems reported with the video and display in the iMac, that's not looking like a good option. The iMac I'm using now needed a new hard disk, because the original overheated. Similar problems with the Mac Book make me nervous about that, too. It's looking like the Mac Pro is the way to go: that big, well-ventilated metal chassis has plenty of room for air flow. Also, since it's not a new design, I won't be beta-testing Apple's latest component crunch. Finally, if things really get bad, I can always replace the graphics card myself. Finally, it's just the fastest damn Mac you can buy. For a portable rig, I'll just keep using my old-school iBook G4 until I can't stand it, which will probably be for quite some time. Can't beat the slower chips for long battery life!


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