Problem: Error 6003 for .mac

Get error code from dotmacsync.log (found in Spotlight). Google: .mac sync error 6003 From Apple's boards re: 6003, some Terminal mojo, that didn't work; neither did resetting the sync history.

Here's how to do it manually, by deleting the history file:

  • If you haven't done so lately, make a backup of your iCal calendars (iCal File menu > Back up iCal)
  • Quit out of all open programs
  • Make sure that nothing is syncing (Spanning Sync, .Mac, iSync)
  • Move this folder to the trash: ~/Library/Application Support/ SyncServices
  • Restart
  • Open iCal and give it a few minutes to write out the new database ...

This worked! No errors. Now, to iCal...

"Your calendar information is being reset..."

And it works! Sweet!


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