Eject or boot from a CD or DVD at startup

To eject a disc that won’t pop out if you try to eject it in the Finder (Cmd-E):

  1. turn on or restart the Mac
  2. hold down the Eject button on the keyboard (Apple keyboard required, of course).
To boot from a CD or DVD that you’ve inserted while the Mac is running:
  1. select Restart from the Apple menu
  2. hold down the “C” key as soon as the Mac restarts.
You can let go as soon as the little rotator appears under the apple icon.
If you don't want to restart, you can open the terminal and enter:
disktool -l
Find the disk number for the CD or DVD (probably disc2, but it is disk3 on my MacBook Pro) and then enter:
disktool -e disk#

where # is the number of the CD or DVD


wmagb said…
If you are using a keyboard that does not have an eject key (Apple or otherwise) you can press the F12 key, and it will function just as the eject key.

Also, while the computer is booting, you can press and hold down the (left) mouse button, and that should eject all disks from the machine.
Neil Johnson said…
Thanks for the great tips for the Apple-keyboard impaired!
Neil Johnson said…
If you want to try ejecting the disc by holding down the mouse button at startup, you really need to plug a USB mouse directly into your Mac. In my experience, it won't work if you connect the mouse to the keyboard or another USB hub. And you can forget about it entirely if you're using a Bluetooth mouse.

Finally there's a use for that lousy one-button Apple mouse with no scroll wheel you were thinking of throwing away: use it to eject discs!

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