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A tribute to an old friend

My iBook G4, gforce, is on its deathbed. It looks like the video card (a chip, really) is dying. I've had the screen lock up several times; the last time I tried to log in, it coughed up some strange rectangular pattern on the screen. It's no longer reliable. It could be anything, really: RAM, a bus, CPU. The thing is ten years old! When I first bought it, I ran my business on it; now I can't even run Facebook. I used it pretty regularly though, for writing -- no distractions. You can't get distracted by your Facebook alerts if you can't even run Facebook. I could barely run Gmail, too, unless I used the old interface. I used it as a "beater" portable, and I took it places where I'd be reluctant to bring my fancy MacBook Pro, SilverSurfer. Of course, any old notebook that isn't your primary computer can serve as a "beater," and I'm sure that SilverSurfer will end up in that category too, after I buy a new notebook one of these days.

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