CronoSync stumped by daylight savings time

Today is the start of Daylight Savings Time. Both my iMac, ifive, and iBook, gforce, updated the system clocks correctly, thanks to's NTP servers. But, ChronoSync thinks all of the files on the iBook were modified exactly one hour later than their counterparts on the iMac. The significant issue is, I believe, not the type of Mac, but the location of ChronoSync. I used the file set on the iMac, where ChronoSync is running, as the master set of files. Right now, ChronoSync is pushing my entire Documents directory over to the iBook, just to sync the date stamps on all the files.


Anonymous said…
Chronosync indicates it relates to the file format.

I experienced a mixed bag: most files tagged as modified by 1 hour with some not noted as modified. This sync was from my MacBook Pro (disk imaged hard disk using FileVault) to targets on a USB flash.

Any thoughts how to fix will be appreciated.
Neil Johnson said…

I wasn't sure what you meant about the file format. I contacted the folks at econ (Chronosync's publisher) to find out more, and I'll post what I find as soon as they get back to me.

Lonnie said…
I had the same issue, only my chronosync was on my iMac. I sync files between iMac, MB, and a thumb drive. Since iMac and MB both adjusted for daylight savings, everything there is fine. I just used my USB thumb drive, and everything tagged for bidirectional sync is off by one hour.

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