GnuCash 2.2 on the Mac: Tiger 10.4

I use GnuCash on the Mac & my Linux box, but I've just run into problems with the reporting on my Mac. I want to upgrade to the latest version on the Mac -- today, this seems to be 2.2.4, across all platforms. The GnuCash Wiki article on MacOSXInstallation got me started. I'll use Fink and Fink Commander to install it on my iMac 1.6 GHz PPC G5, but I have to add the "unstable tree" to fink to get the latest version. Before I can get started with fink, I need to download the latest Xcode from Apple - ADC Downloads. Installing this updates the Mac gcc compiler so I can run the latest fink. Then, I update Fink in Terminal: fink selfupdate This updates to the latest version by compiling with my new gcc code from Xcode fink -V Package manager version: 0.28.0 Distribution version: selfupdate-rsync (0.8.1), 10.4, powerpc Good to go! Latest version. fink configure Mostly to select my preferred mirrors for important libraries; here I can also add the unstable tree to fink. fink selfupdate; fink index; fink scanpackages One of these failed -- I think it was "index" but I'll have to run these as separate commands, because... Fink complains when I try to install gnucash2: WARNING: unable to determine last selfupdate time. You should run 'fink selfupdate' to get the latest package descriptions. Funny, I just did that! The error is: Failed: Fink::SysState: Could not resolve inconsistent dependencies I run the fink update commands separately: fink selfupdate fink index fink scanpackages No errors, this time, when I run these commands in Terminal. From Fink Commander, I select gnucash2 and then Source > Install. No error this run either about the selfupdate, but the install fails the same way; a closer look at the output reveals:
While trying to install: guile16-dev-1.6.7-1013 guile16-shlibs-1.6.7-1013 The following inconsistencies found: Unsatisfied dependency in guile16-libs: guile16-shlibs (= 1.6.7-1010) Unsatisfied dependency in guile16: guile16-shlibs (= 1.6.7-1010) Trying to resolve dependencies... Could not resolve inconsistent dependencies! Fink isn't sure how to install the above packages safely. You may be able to fix things by running: fink scanpackages sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install guile16-dev=1.6.7-1013 guile16-shlibs=1.6.7-1013
Let's try that! It pays to actually look at what's on the screen... ... compiling ... Compilation completed this morning (~10 hours!). To run then newly compiled Gnucash: /sw/bin/gnucash-bin gnc.bin-Message: main: binreloc relocation support was disabled at configure time. Abort trap This produces error code 134, as well. gnucash mac abort trap - Google Search Nabble - MacPorts - Tickets - Gnucash splash no further suggests running sudo /sw/bin/gnucash-bin --gconf-path= I select: Update Search Path> GnuCash updates the search path > [Apply], but that didn’t work. I end up running: /sw/bin/update-gnucash-gconf but this fails as well. “Abort Trap” is too general a search term. gnucash mac "binreloc relocation support was disabled at configure time" - Google Search leads me to try: /sw/bin/gnucash-bin --nofile To no avail. But, when I run: /sw/bin/gnucash The splash dialog comes up and stays up. When I terminate, I notice another dialog hiding behind it. /sw/bin/gnucash --nofile The app opens, and throws up a bunch of dialogs. Finally, I’m able to use File > Open to open my data file. Time for a Save As... Everything works, except I can take it down when I select the custom profit & loss report. This is what got me started in the first place with this upgrade. In terminal, I move the following version 1.8 files out of ~/.gnucash: saved-reports-1.8
Now startup is much faster and I don’t see any error dialog boxes. It turns out the report I want is: Reports > Income & Expense > Income Statement


Presh said…
Hi I have been trying installation of donuts for this homer.

this message pops up /sw/bin/gnucash no file exists.

Any help appreciated
Neil Johnson said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Neil Johnson said…
I've updated the GnuCash installation instructions for the latest version of OS X, Leopard. Please read that post to see if that helps address the problem you encountered.

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