Sad Macs

Silversurfer is hurting. My primary login is not working well.
Now, I logged in to the Guest account on SilverSurfer. Do I see those crazy Safari slowdowns? Right now, I'm using the new Chrome beta for the Mac to type this into
I've managed to confound iFive. I'm hoping to execute a clean shutdown. I'm mid-sync with the iPod Touch and I've managed to max it out.
Here's my plan for SilverSurfer: Make a disk image, save it to a local HD, then update to Snow Leopard.
I think there's some problem with my account, since the Guest account seems to handle a heavy load without a problem.
So, can I make an image from the guest account?
I'm in pretty good shape, right now, with a local text editor and a quick login to my blog. I like that Chrome is out on the Mac, too.
I'm thinking that before I pull the plug on SilverSurfer, I'll try to set up a new account for me.


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