GnuCash 2.2 on Leopard 10.5

Having successfully installed GnuCash 2.2 on my Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4) computer, iFive, it’s time to install it on my new MacBook Pro running Leopard (10.5). I started with the same instructions I used before: MacOSXInstallation - GnuCash. To run GnuCash on Leopard, you must install version 2.2.x. Otherwise, the instructions are the same as installing on Tiger, with some minor complexities. As noted in the wiki, If you are using OS X 10.5 (Leopard), then you will need to install fink from source. I just installed the most recent XCode, so I’m ready to compile... Compile done. Here’s how I did it: cd Downloads/fink-0.28.1 ./bootstrap . /sw/bin/ fink selfupdate; fink index; fink scanpackages fink install gnucash2 /sw/bin/gnucash Oddly, Terminal stopped echoing the characters I typed after the installation. I closed the Terminal I had open, and reopened another. All set.


Eldaria said…
Wanted to install Gnucash on my Mac also, and came across this blog, but ran into some issues I thought I would share.

First of, one file failed to download.
I was able to download it manually from here: and put it into the /sw/src folder.

Second I got a compile error telling me I was missing a file:
>> No such file or directory

Found a solution to make a symbolic link:
cd /usr/X11/lib/
sudo ln -s libXrandr.2.dylib /usr/X11/lib/libXrandr.2.0.0.dylib

After this it went smooth.
But for everyone who is going to do this: Beware, I have a 2.5Ghz Penryn MacBook Pro, and took almost a full day of compiling, madness.
Scott Conway said…
Thanks for your instructions I was able to get gnucash finally installed!

I had one glitch in that it could not find libXdamage.1.1.0.dylib but I was able to download that from

Eldaria - you were absolutely correct about this being an all day build!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the gnucash notes.
I just got it all from fink (it took about 12 hrs with all the dependencies). Am I right in saying all I got for this was gnucash v1.18 or something back from 2002!!!????

Is Fink really this out of date?
Neil Johnson said…
To get the latest version of GnuCash, you need to point Fink to the "unstable" tree.

Details here in the Note below the command "fink install gnucash2":

Note that fink is now available as a binary installer for Intel Macs (Nov. 2008).

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