The New MacBook Pro, SilverSurfer

I had my heart set on a 17 inch MacBook Pro, but there were some problems: • The older 17-inch screens were very dark, especially the high resolution options. • The new LED screens are suffering from some unusual problems -- see MacBook Pro LED Screens Show Stripey Failures Plus, the price... so when I saw MicroCenter was offering $150 in-store rebates for last generation of MacBook Pros, I had to check it out. I picked up a 15-inch 2.4 GHz Intel Core Duo with a 160 GB hard disk. I’d like to resize the existing partition to make room for a Windows Boot Camp Boot Camp partition: Macworld | Resize partitions on-the-fly. I’m quite pleased with the value I got for the money. I picked up 4GB of RAM for $100. Right now, I’m downloading all the software updates... [Only one update would prove to be a problem, but what a problem it was! See my subsequent post, Graphics problems on the MacBook Pro, for the sordid tale!]


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