Graphics problems on the MacBook Pro

Yesterday, I stumbled across a grim issue with the MacBook Pro graphics chip, the nVidia 8600 GT. I'm not convinced it's a hardware issue, yet, but this morning's disaster sure looks like one. I booted up, twice, and saw a strange blocky pattern on the screens. The third time, I plugged in the power, and it booted without a problem. I shut down and rebooted, removed the power cable, and then rebooted again, but couldn't recreate the problem. I did take photos, though. More Info: If you can SSH into your Mac with the crashed graphics and run:

sudo /usr/bin/killall -HUP WindowServer but this will quit (kill) all open programs running in the window OS. At least you can do a clean restart. Fixing it The first thing is to back up.
  • ChronoSync
  • Sync .Mac
  • Copy my User directory to an external HD
  • Back up the system log.
  • Remove the LGU:

  • Community rollback package version 1.2: from hurrikenux Creative.

Then, run Software Update. The LGU appears again. Select it, and then choose Update > Ignore Update... to avoid installing it again.


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